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Yay, 22 members!! ♥ (Though that number seems to fluctuate, but over twenty is definitely good. Yesyes.) I'm still not sure if there are just few i-13 fans or if I haven't pimped enough...need to get on that. ^^ But in the meantime, since there hasn't been a post in a while:

Credit to the website the pic is linked to. *fails to read Korean* 8D Hrm. Some of them changed a lot and some are pretty much the same. The twins looked more twinish. And someday soon I'll get together a pic spamage post!

I've never really said anything too "official" because modding over a group this size feels very pretentious--but I wanted to encourage everyone to post anything i-13 related; pics, fics (8D;; though somehow I don't see this happening anytime soon), news. News especially, as I have absolutely zero reading comprehension in Korean and only find information through translations. ♥

In short: don't be afraid to post!! ♥♥ Help meee...I'm running out of things to say! ^_^
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ah Hae and Sul are so cuteee x3
lol i still can't seem to remember all of their names.
i am a bad fan, am i not? x_x
I think they're adorable. ♥♥ Heh, I only just learned their names, too, and I still mix them up occasionally. xD Whoops! Silly large groups. ♥
^^ ♥
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You, Hae, Sool, Mi, Shin, Oh, Jin, Myo - Mo, and Ja. :3