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I'm sorry. ; ; [16 Jun 2006|06:09pm]

Yeah. I know. Someone pimping their RPG community. Sorry. D:

Hallyu RPG is a roleplay for any Korean celebrity - from singers to actors to anything in between. It's just opened, and almost everyone is available to be claimed, including but not limited to:

- Super Junior
- Shinhwa
- Korean drama stars to balance it all out

Everyone but BoA is available. =O. Hopefully they'll be going fast, so if you're interested apply ASAP~ ♥ Thank you!

(... I don't know if anyone would really feel comfortable roleplaying the little ones. But the older ones. HEEYY, I'm sure they'd like to play with SuJu, ne~~)
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Newcomer... [13 Mar 2006|05:44pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey, guys! I'm new to the forum, and to I-13. ♥

I'm thinking about buying I-13's album from YesAsia. However, I've only heard two of their songs - both versions of One More Time. I'm wondering if anyone here could upload some of their songs (no more than two or three - I don't want the entire album!) so I could get a feel for the rest of their music. I'm really interested in hearing more of I-13's work.

Thank you so much for your time!

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[19 Feb 2006|01:46am]

Yay, 22 members!! ♥ (Though that number seems to fluctuate, but over twenty is definitely good. Yesyes.) I'm still not sure if there are just few i-13 fans or if I haven't pimped enough...need to get on that. ^^ But in the meantime, since there hasn't been a post in a while:

Some before/after pics of the girls 8DCollapse )

I've never really said anything too "official" because modding over a group this size feels very pretentious--but I wanted to encourage everyone to post anything i-13 related; pics, fics (8D;; though somehow I don't see this happening anytime soon), news. News especially, as I have absolutely zero reading comprehension in Korean and only find information through translations. ♥

In short: don't be afraid to post!! ♥♥ Help meee...I'm running out of things to say! ^_^
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i-13 FL [04 Feb 2006|06:46pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Nyan. i-13 finally has a comm! *just found this* Now to spread the loveeee.

Everyone come join the fanlisting for i-13~ Ran by me and my friend Yuri. Sweet Love!

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[11 Jan 2006|08:41pm]

YouTube link of a Super Junior/i-13 performance. :D Sorry if you don't like SJ (they're before i-13) but both perform very well. I really like it when they play the "partner groups" card. ♥ Large groups are love.

courtesy of ddongha and bradlee0818 ^^

And wow, this community has eighteen members!! OMFG LET'S ROLEPLAY! Thanks so much for joining. I hope this fandom continues to grow; i-13 needs much more attention. ^__^
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Media Teaser [05 Jan 2006|08:41pm]

For those who haven't yet seen it, here's i-13's "One More Time" music video. :D This impresses me. It's really dance-oriented for a debut vid, and the girls are surprisingly adept--they can keep in time, and their singing is so high-energy. Like...jazzercise. XD Let me know what you think.

Will be capping later, or uploading it to other file hosts if there are interested people who can't use Megaupload. ♥

One More Time on Megaupload
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